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Dec 20, 2011

Daughter's First ever Field Trip!

Darling Daughter has gone for her first ever field trip with her school friends. She was pretty excited since last Friday, when we received the circular! She had decided upon her seats in the school van, BTW we live right next to the school campus and can scamper to school everyday so she had always wanted to go to school in the Van. Now her dreams come true and she gets a chance to do so and guess what else does she want now, a window seat! I am sure every kid on that trip wants one, god save the assisting staff!

She will be visiting Kalashethra. "Kala" means Árt and "Shethra"means Place. Adithi loves dancing and can't get enough of it and was super duper excited to know that she is visiting a place from where most of India's leading danseuse had learnt the art of dance!. For more details visit their official website

Everyone in our family are excited. I am bit nervous as this is her first ever outing without any of the family members. I wish and hope she has loads of fun and is safe as well.

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  1. Yes anxious moments for the "amma"!!She will have fun so stay cool!

  2. @Sonia, she had a nice time and came back safe!


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