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Dec 8, 2011

Fuchsia Pink Angarkha!

We had bought this bright Fuschia pink, printed bandhini style fabric about a month back, while shopping for Adithi's B'day outfit fabrics (a month ago!), after all the wedding festivities and lazing around, when i got back my sewing Mojo on Monday, i started searching through the fabric stash and suddenly this fabric spoke to me! yes indeed, fabrics do speak to me, and i think they do so with every sewista! so there it was calling out to me, crying for my attention, i decided to lend an ear and kept gazing at it for about a couple of minutes, hmm, then started rummaging through the stash yet again....

This time it was for the leftover bit of white bling fabric, which i thought would complement this fabric as well as add a contrast to it and ensure that the pink does NOT overwhelm our petite frame and dusky skin tone. The leftover fabric is from the first ever ball gown i made for my daughter when she was hardly 2 years old , that was more than 3 years back! see another good excuse for me to confront my hubby when he asks me get rid of the ever piling scraps ;)

So the now fabric is there, contrast fabric is also there, so what next, ... the BIG Question, what should i sew~now? hmm i read in this month's Harper's Bazar (Special collectors issue!) titled Angarkha Advent! Yes,  Angarkhas are back with a bang and are seen in runways in varied styles! Now Angarkha is our Indian Vintage with its roots dating back to Mughal era!.

So it is an Angarkha and that too a bright and bubbly one for my sister! Would you like to make one for  yourself, try this Tutorial @ Adithis Amma Sews

 I have similar fabric in shade of cheery bright yellow, which i plan to sew for self, but not sure if it would be an Angarkha, may be or may be NOT, wait and watch..

P.S. Thanks for bearing with absence for a week, i was back on last friday but was unable to logon, thanks to the BSNL guys for having our phone line (along with broadband) down for the past 5 days and still counting, so wondering how i am typing this post, my hubby dearest has been so generous to get me a TATA PhotonPlus data card after having seen my restlessness due to my inability to access my blog and talk to all you lovely readers! Thanks hubby dearest! Though this one is bit slower than the broadband i have, i will take it as long as i am able to connect at least as temporary recourse!

So here i am and have loads to catch up with online, loads of posts to come, with delicious wedding snaps and style bits ofcourse!

For tutorials lined up, let me finish all those pending viz., bubble skirt with twisted bubble instructions and the simple salwar (dance class uniform, remember!)

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  1. ohhh thats a lovely outfit and u look so pretty in it. :)

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh just realized its your sister not you! .. Duh! Ur sister looks very pretty in it :)

  3. Glad to have you back Lakshmi! I've always loved your Angarkhas, that's another delightful one, pink looks great on your sis and yes yes I should try one too!:))

  4. i love the color...suits wel for ur sis akka

  5. Lakshmi you back:)your sister and her dress look pretty.waiting for ur post.

  6. Lovely color and it looks very beautiful on her...

  7. Thanks MindfulMeanderer! I plan to borrow it from her and somehow squeeze myself in for a day!

    Thanks Magda,am i glad to be back, you bet!

    Thanks Vji!

    Thanks Thendral!


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