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Jan 6, 2012

At Cross roads on new year!

I have called it the cross-roads, coz the pattern at the yoke and the bottom half of the top criss-cross with contrasting pieces to make it look like cross-roads, can you visualize the same are am i too much into dreamland, anyways i liked the design and it looks way better than how it would have if I stuck to the original print alignment along the lengthwise grain!

Sister gifted me the material for my b'day (which was 6 months back!) at last i decided to make an outfit for me. The fabric in lengthwise grain had the sand color print on top with about 6-7 of maroon print at bottom . Since i thought i will look ordinary design, decided to use the top fabric in cross-grain! kind of a risk as i am meddling with grain as some fabrics, notoriously lose their shape in cross grain and some crinkle, but decided to take the chance and wow, i am glad i did!

I had been to my Aunt's place to wish her a healthy, happy year of 2012 and as you can see was lost in thoughts during the photo-session!

Used the pattern draft for Sister's Pongal Outfit and altered it to my measurements. The toughest part was to use 2 contrasting bias strips and ensure that they connect the yoke neck at right places to get the complete contrast look.

Pants are churidhaar pants, oh the fabric is pure cotton, so comfy and perfect for chennai weather (even in winter!) Phew! Cyclone Thane brought down the temp a week back, but now things are back to square one and we are having yet another warm winter!

Petal sleeves in the kameez add more zing to it and the fact that i have put on more weight helps the fit of the petal sleeves, i must be on the other horizon where there are few people, who are thrilled to bits and are elated when they pile up some kilos!

Here is the story behind my added kilos:  I went for my DD's vaccination for DPT booster dose and while we were waiting for the doc, decided to check the weight and to my pleasant surprise it showed 50kg! yay! at last ... i went up to 55 during pregancy 5 years and came down to 42 for long time and then about 3 months back hit it up to 45 and now ... thank you god! I wanted to be 50kg ever since i heard the song from Movie : Jeans - picturised on Aishwarya Rai (only Rai then!)... 50kg Taj Mahal enakke enakka (means 50kg Taj Mahal is all mine?) oh i actually did sang that one to my hubby dearest yesterday? Don't get me wrong, i am NOT comparing with or aspiring to be Aishwarya Rai Bachan! but have always wanted to look bit more fleshy than skin and bones that i have been all these years!

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  1. haha...I am on the same horizon as you are! I jump with joy even at the slightest gain in weight. It is so hard for me to put on weight but I never stop trying.

  2. Loved your weight gain story...and I absolutely adore this dress you have made..cross-grain looks like a difficult thing to attempt ha..but looks great and sleeves are nicely designed too...Love and Hugs lipsy!!

  3. Oh wow, the colors are just beautiful :) I found you through Marni's, Frabjous Couture blog and read your guest article on Hindu traditions of sewing - it really piqued my interest!

  4. Sooo beautiful... Loved the way you drafted it...

  5. Thanks Thendral!

    Thanks Sahina!

    Thanks Lipsy!

    Thanks TheGirlAtFirstAvenue!

  6. So lovely!

    So glad that you decided to join Pin'Inspiration Thursday this week :-)

  7. Beautiful outfit! your sister chose lovely fabric to gift you for your birthday!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. Crossroads is a fantastic name. It looks really good on you.:)


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