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Feb 3, 2012

Craftster Best of 2011 winner - Navarathri Collection!

I had a pleasant surprise waiting for me as i checked Craftster site and as is my routine i check if there had been any replies to my posts, and viola there were 2 one for the Navarathri Collection and another for the Robot Costume and guess what , my Navarathri Collection had been chosen as one of the best 5 projects of the year in Craftster - Kids Clothing category! Can you believe it? I am still in shock!

Craftster Best of 2011 Winner

I put in lot of hours every year to make the Navarathri collection and try to keep each dress unique and hope that darling daughter likes each one of them and has no complaints ;) This award just made me feel that, ok you are a good enough of designer! ok its time for me to pat myself on my back! wait should i be modest, nah, i am in no mood today, once in a while, you can goad about your achievements, can't you ... oh yes!

now enough of my bragging and lets view all those beautiful 9 outfits again , shall we ....

To view more about each of the outfits, please click here - Navarathri 2011 outfits - 

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  1. Congratulations! :) The outfits are gorgeous and adithi looks like a princess :)

  2. Congratulations Laxmi.....I wish many more such wins for you.

  3. Congratulations!!! They are beautiful outfits!!!

  4. Congratulations - those dresses are just gorgeous - a well deserved win for you!


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