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Feb 10, 2012

Ethnic Simple Kameez

Time for the action shot of Outfit no.2 ; she wore it today: yup 2 new outfits in as many days! lucky girl!

The kameez is pretty simple and outright ethnic, love the color and the zari (it was along the edge of the fabric)  the front is actually made of 2 pieces by joined at CF (Center Front) so that zari is meeting at CF and due to this i could also play with neck gaping that our petite bodies create whenever we have deep necklines~!  simple just tuck in more in CF seam right at the neckline point, simple no more gaping! The piping at neckline and sleeve hem have been made using leftover fabric - from my mom's saree blouse made about 3 months ago! yet another reason i can give for my never ending pile of bits and pieces of fabric! my answer to his standard query of "why don't you clear them away! ?"so how do i respond, with the truth of course, they will come in handy dear and they do, don't they! See i don't lie! he he

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