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Feb 7, 2012

Sewing Mojo is back - 2 New Outfits!

Sewing Mojo is back and how , with a BANG!

2 outfits in one day!

Things are not so honky dory at personal front, happens right, that is part of life isn't it. so it had to get back to where i belong, to my sewing sessions, since it was kind of self-imposed sabbatical, the 2 outfits do not have much of design into them, but just wanted to get back to sewing, so simple design was also fine, something is better than nothing isn't it.

Now i shall be sewing lots more, with V'day coming up, lots of gifts to sew and also my fav soap Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon will spare me a few hours, i spend on its re-runs and youtube updates, ├žoz after a heart breaking spoiler / promo! I do not have the courage to see my fav love birds parting ways albeit in a soap! How melodramatic, isn't it, but that's how i am and that in fact is the only soap i watch and hence have kind of attachment to it and hence the withdrawal symptoms, but i have nothing to worry, Sewing is Therapy and here i am to relieve myself!

3 cheers , Sewing Mojo is here again!

Bow at the end was a last minute addition, guess for what, to easily identify the front and back ! yes! given the print and the pattern / design for the dress, wanted to help out my sister, and ensure that she doesn't end up wearing it the wrong way!

Boring pics i know, but the outfits will look lot better in person, will post them once my sister flaunts these outfits! Action Shots Click HERE

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  1. lovely! I love the first one... beautiful colors...

  2. I love the first one.. the print is so different and fun!

    I have a giveaway on my blog.. just click on the link below to enter and win $100 worth jewelry and accessories! :)
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  3. Thanks Thendral! I was initially apprehensive my sister chose this fabric as it was a wide spectrum of colors, but saw her wearing it today, it looks stunning!

    Thanks Ranjan! will post action shots of outfit 1 soon.

    Thanks Chandana (GAFA), i am off to check your giveaway.

  4. You are such a talent!! I will keep visitng for great ideas :) You are just one step away from this $100 Giveaway :)

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  5. love the first one superb it s....such a lovely design and pattern....

  6. Thanks Nisha!

    Thanks Sylish by Nature!


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