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Aug 17, 2007

Sari Blouses ....

I have been sewing blouses for my sarees which i had not bothered to wear till now.... currently this craze of designer blouses has bit me and here i am churning out new 'designer' (if i may call so) blouses...

Have a look....all the pics are back poses, they are either front open or side zipper...
Blue Silk Sari Blouse....check out the designer touch in one corner of the neck which will be visible and not hidden by sari more about sari to know what is a pallu..., i am planning to add some kundan stones along the neckline to give it a more dazzling look, actually tried cap sleeve but ended up making normally sleeve, may be better luck next time

Another one of my creations...this one is for designer pink and cream sari
This one is kind of slip on blouse which has hidden zipper on the right hand side, since i wanted to wear it as single pleat, hence it would transparent, still i wanted it to look decent, hence a high neck, not so fitting blouse....

This one is made out of normal blouse material (called two by two...funny name isn't it), i don't actually have a sari yet to exactly atch this color, just wanted to try out this pattern!!! in this i also tried petal sleeve (which is visible in front pose...sorry i didn't take a snap of that)...this is the back pose ..

And to discuss about a bit of indian tradition, sari is the traditional attire of indian women, silk sarees are very famous, especially kanjeevaram, banarasi and mysore silk. The blouse given below is one for a kanjeevaram silk saree. on more details about sari please visit the following link



  1. Beautiful fabrics.You did a lovely job on the different styles. I've always wanted a sari.

  2. Hi Luxi ,i c ur post in crafster,all r nice.If u post de tutorial we will feel helpful.
    If u can pls try that too.How is ur kid?

  3. hai
    Really all your creations are nice.
    i think the finish for the blouse can be little bit better.
    They are as good as your daughter.


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