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Jun 26, 2009

WingCollar Plackt White Kurta

I liked this fabric the moment i saw it, but hated it every second while i was sewing it. To make it even more difficult, the pattern i had chosen of wingcollar placket style made it lot more tougher to sew 4 layers of hard embroidered fabric to sewn in sharp corners.

As an after that i added silver crystal embellishments, (thought of adding wooden beads, but wanted it to be all white and subtle) on the placket / yoke area and the wing collar edge.

Self drafted pattern using basic bodice variation. Wingcollar placket was adapted from HelenJosephArmstrong book Pattern Making for Fashion Design(I can't thank the author enough for having this book for all those aspiring to have fashion stamp in their own home sewn clothes as well).


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