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Jun 26, 2009

Embellished FlipFlops for my darling daughter!

As is the case with most of the things i have created (clothes, accessories, toys etc), this one too has a story behind it. Here it goes....

Today i was waiting anxiously to pick my daughter up from school (its been a week now since she has joined school - Montessori); There she came and my heart sank, she was crying (well she didn't cry even on the first day!) The teacher told me to replace her buckle pair of shoes to normal chappals as it would easier for her to wear and remove( I was misguided earlier by someone i don't remember who exactly as to we were not supposed to send them in flip flops, which by the way my daughter loves only next to her shoes with glowing lights!!!)

I consoled my darling and took her back home , with her buckles off; she wanted them to be thrown up at the very instance, somehow managed to convince her that they can be of use to someone else and we can it give it off to someone later.

After putting her to afternoon nap, it stuck me that there were so many similar flip flops already there, (In her school they remove the footwear on the racks and are barefooted inside the classrooms and sit on mats; i love the school and methodology of teaching !!!) How do i make her pair stand out, so that they can be easily identified, as well as look good and stylish

Hence the embellishment process started; Googled for inspirational posts and found many; confused; hence logged off and started off with whatever came to my mind and with the accessories i had at home; First tried it on her old pair of flip flops (Blue) it turned out well ; but the ribbon ran out before i could finish the pair; Going out shopping for the matching color tomorrow to complete the Blue flipflop; Added few kundan(rhinestones) stones and voila old worn out pair looked stylish, sleek and NEW!!! (wish i took snaps of them before i had started working on them! Lesson learnt, shall do so with such future projects)

Black flipflop was relatively new (4 months old); The original straps had a red stripe at the center; wanted it to be generic, hence used black ribbon and have finished wrapped it up on the pair.
Added velcro at the center where straps meet and added the first pair of embellishment created , golden flowers; planning to do more such flowers in myriad colors so that she can match them with her dress

Now quite a long post i guess, shall post the updates on Black flip flop tomorrow; that's it for the day, need to log off now to get started with dinner;


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