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Jul 2, 2009

Fabric Stash - In Immediate WIP

Fabric Stash had few additions, since i had been to shopping with my daughter the day before yesterday! She had a ball, as it was her first ride in public transport - MTC bus. Thank god it was non-peak hour, hence we found a place to sit and she got a seat next to window and was gazing outside. It was fun as there were no closed windows unlike her dad's car and hence was enjoying every moment of it.

Atlast found the shop where i can buy knit fabrics. Went to Thakurdas Choithram , Opp to LIC , Madras A.K.A Chennai Now. Bought knit fabrics to make leggings and tops for my darling;

Purchased swimsuit material as none of the shops had one to fit her; both mom and daughter are going to join swimming classes in a week.

Got some satin for me to sew a brand new night dress for my wedding anniversary which is coming up.

Shirt material to gift my hubby on his b'day; hence plenty to sew and very little time. To add to my woes, i also joined my daughter in the noon nap today, the only time i get to really sew!!! Phew! i hope to finish atleast one of my sewing assignments by tomorrow.


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