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Jan 28, 2010

Half hour Circle Skirt

Made on specific request hmm order from my darling daughter as she has group photo session in her school. Her school does not have any uniform and encourage kids to wear their own style and persona!.

They have a T-shirt with their school emblem which they will wear for 2moro's photo session. She wanted a matchy skirt to go with it. She has recovered from fever but is down a bit with dysentery.  Hopeful she gets well soon.

I had not sewn for past 3 days as had to tend to her. Used these days to cut and keep all WIP ready to be sewn 2moro. Hopefully will finish some by 2moro. Today i had to sit and sew her skirt and she let me do it, so i squeezed an alteration of a readymade kurta which my sister had bought sometime back.

Here are the pics

Circle Skirt  (fastest ever made so far, rechecked my clock to c if it really took just half hour to cut & sew)

School T Shirt 

Altered Kurta (Which was a size 36 earlier when bought)


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  1. So she has a photoshoot today ...
    My little one has grown so big!


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