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Jan 29, 2010

Designer Sleeve and Patch V Neck Salwar Kameez

Wish i could get better pic of sleeve, one has to wear it to get the right view of the design, will try persuading my client to pose for me (just the sleeve would do)

I had earlier posted asking for which of the V Neck patch to choose then went ahead with Patch Option 2 as it looked more closer to V patch which the client was particular about. Option 1 though looked very good and i personally liked it. Will use it sometime in my own future projects.

Removed the patch at the bottom most part of the pant (as it was too long a patch) and used it for the neck.

Then had to redo interfacing at the bottom of the pant.

Spent a lot of time in getting the V neck patch look like V neck (the pattern on the patch made it more tougher)

This project took a lot of time and the sleeves just added on to it.

Here are pics


Sleeve Design

Salwar Pant
Detail at Bottom of Salwar(Pant)


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