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Mar 15, 2010

Zebra Print Cowl Neck Tunic

This project must be one of the most longest i've ever made. Why because i sent it to backburner by taking something new and it was cut out during the first week of Dec 2009. Atlast i squeezed it in.

Happy with the outcome though.

Features are Cowl neck, stylised darts (at front), side zipper, cap sleeve.

fabric was also one of the reasons for me to having put it on backburner, it kept unravelling badly (wish i had a serger). somehow made it using zig zag stitch i have. 

Front View




  1. Very cute! Im so happy I found your blog via Craftster!

  2. Very lovely dress. The zebra print was a great choice!

  3. hey love your outfit..came out really well...pls pls pls...any chance you could share how you mad eit? dyin to make a dress with cowl neck but dont know how to

  4. please teach me how did you do this neck please.

  5. Planning to have Cowl neck drafting as next week's tutorial if all in my house are in pink of health and i get my daily does of blogging time...fingers crossed, lets see,,,


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