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Mar 16, 2010

Pleated Cowl Top for my SIL

My Sister-in-law wanted a cowl dress for her as well after having seen the cowl one i did sew for my sister

She wanted pleated cowls but not as an extra layer unlike what i did for my sister.

Hence this was bit challenging to have pleated cowls and still ensure that modesty is maintained when bending down. Atlast found the trick. Draft the pattern and then on the resultant pattern, just take about 1/2 inch off from the center front till bust point.

This did work out well. Here are the pics. This i had completed last week but only today managed to get her pics. Sleeves have drawstring at center to be pinched short.



  1. Very cute! I like the gathered sleeves!

  2. I like the neck and the sleeve.. Fits like her a glove.


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