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Jun 24, 2010

Paisley motif silk cotton kurta

This one is for my sister. This fabric has been long in my stash and today was its day.

I gave my daughter company when she took her noon nap and guess what my sewing time got converted as sleeping time.... hmm... had a good sleep, so can't complain.

Got up and hurried her to singing class, only to know the class got cancelled...she was happy, so was I , obviously for different reasons... she had more time to play, i could squeeze in some time to sew

This kurta was made in record time of 2.5 hours from cutting to sewing. Happy with the result. Color and print are eye catchy! Fabric feels good on skin.

As of Features : Simple Kurta so simple features: 

  • V Neck embellished (Front & Back); 
  • 3/4 sleeve with embellished slit
Back and Sleeves



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