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Jun 22, 2010

Ruffle Top

Ruffle tops have always fascinated me; but i was kind of scared by its avant-garde  look and stayed away from it.

My sister gave me Art of Manipulating fabric book and that book was an eyeopener. I would recommend every sewing enthusiast to have one. It had a chapter on Ruffles and Flounces. I tried the vertical flounce in this ruffle top. Though it is not upto 100%. I am glad with the output. Will dare to try more variations now.

The fabric was poor quality satin didn't help the cause either. Had a tough time sewing it together. The Ruffle finish always plays a part in the hang, i had to use rolled hem as it don't have serger and the edges became kind o stiff, when compared to unfinished edge. Wish i had a serger.... anyway  will try out other edge finishes and see what suits this style the best.

Hope my SIL likes it as this one is for her.

Petal Sleeve (Pleated variation)

FullView (Flare of ruffles are best seen only when worn, waiting for my SIL to pick this up)



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