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Jun 11, 2010

Zebra Print dress for DD

Made a zebra print cowl neck tunic for myself some 3 months back. Remember....
Leftover material was hanging around for quite sometime

All that happens happens for good. So here i was sick, unable to do anything, but let my mind do some designing, and this design popped up. So after getting better, searched through it from my stash and started to work on it.

The fabric i knew was tough to work with, but this time around , it was even more tougher due to the patches i had to make (remember leftover fabric)

Happy with the result though. It looked even cuter once my DD obliged to wear it.


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  1. Brilliant lighting for those photographs! Ofcourse, the picture is tooooo cute... i coudlnt find that it was a left over material made of patches until you told. The dress looks awesome!


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