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Jul 22, 2010

Invisible zipper will remain invisible - Discover a blog

My search for invisible zipper went a long way (a long queue of tutorials, i ended up adding a separate bookmark folder and believe me i tried each and every one of them almost 15 sets of scrap testing invisible zipper inserted pieces are lying with now!!!)

 Don't fret it doesn't end there, i was not satisfied with even 1 of them. So my search continued and the deadline arrived, i had to insert the zipper today for my burdastyle book dress.... so it is now or never moment.

By chance i ended in this blog when following a shift dress from burdastyle site and noticed an invizible zipper tute in that, Guess what it worked the first time itself...
So here it is Blog of the week with the link to the tute that saved my project..... Kudos!!!

Blog that saved my project dress zipper  Enjoy!!!!


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  1. So pleased my tutorial helped you CreativeMama! I can't wait to see the dress you have come up with for Burdastyle!


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