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Jul 18, 2010

Birthday Party = Brand new dress


Circle skirt in full view as she scurried through!!!

Today my DD had to attend birthday party (First Birthday of Cute little Jahnavi - our nieghbour's grandchild), being a first birthday party (think of gala time, games galore etc) she deserves a new dress to flaunt, doesn't she?

Deep inside i had this inkling to sew something for my little sis as well for the same party, so i had to 2 sew 2 dresses in a single day which i have never done before, but i guess there is a proverb which says necessity is the father of ... (blah blah i forgot Sorry!)

Drafted a basic torso pattern (Yay! which i can convert to shift, sheath or box fit pattern) for my sister the night before and cut the fabric for her dress) Adapted pattern to suit Indian Salwar tastes... Tried figuring out which fabric to use for my daughter's dress from my huge pile of fabric stash...

Forenoon was spent in finishing sister's dress. Gave it to her for fitting, no time to fret if did fit as i had one more dress to sew.!!!

Confused with choices of fabric, asked hubby dearest, who as usual chose the blue one (His fav color! - my mistake)... With not much to spare, went ahead and selected the most easiest of all patterns (circle skirt - with rolled hem having been mastered, trust me circle skirts are far more easier!)

The top had to be backless with ties like corset at back. But front though made using brocade fabric looked plain, so cut of shoulder part from mid-armhole and then made gathered straps using skirt fabric..Voila her Brand new Ghaghra Choli was ready just in time to wear for the party (this dress was one thing that got worn smoking hot from the sewing machine!!! ... It looked great on her.

Sister's dress also fit on her, but no snaps sorry as she was the photographer and busy with party, will post them later... till then enjoy the below snaps of my daughter having a blast!

Tasting Cake (even before it was Cut!!! Ha ha )

With her dance partner (they both had great fun dancing!) 

With the Birthday Baby!!

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  1. That is "Necessity is the mother of invention" :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi,

    Your blog is very interesting and very well explained.

    I would appreciate if you can post a tutorial on drafting sleeves for a kameez, blouse. Basically want to understand how to match up the armhole cutting and the sleeve cutting, with respect to the measurements. Hope I am not asking for too much.

    Sorry, in the earlier comment i mentioned our blog in place of saying your blog. So deleted and re adding it.

  4. The dress is soo cute and your daughter too

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    I can post a tute on how to draft a sleeve for kameez and how to for a blouse. since i am pressed with pre-agreed commitments, will definitely do so around Mid-August, so check it around 18th August to find a tute.

  6. Hi,
    I love to see your site everyday and enjoy. Could you please let me know the place where you do ur fabric shopping in Chennai. Thanks.

  7. Lava,
    Nice to hear that you enjoy reading my blog. I would be even more glad if you would become a follower of adithisammasews, for it would be easier to keep track of what i post.

    I buy my fabrics mostly from Thakurdas choithram near LIC, Mount Road, chennai

  8. thanks for giving us a nice blog to read i have sent you two doubts about the kammeez and cowl necks have you got iy


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