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Jul 10, 2010

Discover a blog with me...Pattern Maze!!!

I landed up on this blog today, i found that it is a haven for all those who use readymade patterns to make outfits (here in india, we don't get any readymade patterns, we draft our own patterns...SIGH!)

Check this blog and i am sure you will get good idea of which pattern to use for what (if you have access to  them)...and for those not so lucky ones like me, you will still be able to get lot of design inspirations from the patterns, and be proud that we can design them ourselves, even if we knock-them off....

Hmmm i need to be more regular in posting Discover the blog updates, i need some feedback, do you find it useful, are you guys already aware of it, do you recommend any blog that interests you having loads of useful information for fellow sewists. Please let me know, FEEDBACK (Comments) is highly appreciated. Thanks!


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