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Jul 10, 2010

Alter Ego Na... actually Alter Tie

Handsewing something is so rare for me (except for neck hem & any other form of blind stitching required and set hooks on saree blouses)

My hubby has  a set of ties with width of 9cm and above (broad fit ties) and for his petite figure, he felt it overwhelmed him and hence has been avoiding them for long (Read 6 Years). I noticed them lying around during a spring cleaning session and asked him if could alter one of them, and if he is happy i shall meddle with  rest. He said OK and it took a week for me to sit and do some hand sewing.

  • Removed all the basting stitches in the Tie.
  • Marked the width down to 8cm and cut of inner batting on the inside of the tie to fit new dimension.
  • Push pins helped me in pulling up all the extra fabric to fit the new dimension and guess what after pressing it never looked like it had been altered.
  • Now comes the tough part (not tough but hand sewing is kind of time consuming...), hand sew the open ends on the inner side of the tie.
  • TA DA old tie would now be a new tie and most importantly be WORN... my hubby is catching up on some noon nap with darling daughter. Fingers crossed hope he will wear it....


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