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Aug 20, 2010

Angrakha - This time for my Sister.....

This is the outfit i managed to sew for my sister to wear on her best friend's engagement day.
Hope to make my Sister's own engagement dress soon ....

Today was the engagement of  my sister's best friend from school. So i thought of making her a new outfit to glow in. The fabric is similar one which i had stitched Angrakha for my SIL
Since i had only a day (read 4 sewing hours to make do with) i decide to make Angrakha itself as the fabric drapes well for this style. But made slight changes in the drape.

Since my sister is slight built compared to my SIL, i had more fabric to play with, hence more drape on the wrap of the angrakha. One thing to try in next Angrakha (i want to make one for self, hopefully soon...) would be drape on the side where it wraps as well. Lets see, there's no end to experimenting....

The trim that is used here was bought for Rs.4 a mere and is worth every rupee spent on it. The trim inspired to work more with it than just as usual neck and sleeve embellishment, so started by placing it on the wrap of angrakha freehand, and let my mind waver here and there and ta da.... there is the result for you to see. I really like the effect, it adds jazz to the outfit but is defintely not over the top and that is what i call subtle elegance. 

The drape of wrap is on the side seam and the picture angle does not seem to get it right, will coax my little sister to wear it yet again and pose for it in all possible angles and shall make sure to update this post, only then will the drape of the wrap will get justified as most of my time drafting this outfit was spent on it......

Unfortunately the trim got almost over (used the pending last bit on my next project, will post it 2moro it is a memorabilia for my daughter's best friend who is leaving for US). So planning to rush to the same shop from where i got it and get loads of it. 

Speaking of trims, after getting the reload of it 2moro, i will share my khazana of Trims and fancy items which i plan to use for embellishment...... believe me they need a separate post and are well deserved one too ..... Watch out!



  1. What a beautiful garment! I'd be proud to wear something so lovely. The color is gorgeous and the trim adds the perfect touch. Your work is inspiring!

  2. You din't take me in different angles today like you have mentioned you wanted to. Always ready to wear again & pose for you :)


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