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Aug 22, 2010

Parting Gift for my DD's Best Friend

My DD's dear friend who also shares the same name is leaving for US. My daughter has already started missing her. In the past 15 days or so, she came to our house and spent sometime together (as our house is near the school). we had been wanting to go to her place, but could make only yesterday.

Friday was her last day at school, so at last i sat down to make the dress. Circle skirt was once again the saviour and the bodice is also pretty plain, as the little girl is no fuss and doesn't like much embellishment unlike my DD and her friend. Just added the remaining trim, the last bit leftover after making 'Angrakha for my sister' to the neckline.


[I]My Daughter's friend is very picky and choosy about dresses she wears, she wants it very comfort, minimal embellishment and very flowy.  Keeping this in mind, and short time i had (read 4 sewing hours) the following are the minimalistic features....more functional than ornamental ..[/I]

[*]Main feature is it is full lined with seams not showing in the lining as well (Sorry forgot to take the picture of reverse of the dress, i will be making a similar dress for my DD as well so shall post pic of reverse then)

[*]Removable belt (Thank god i made it removable, my DD"s friend did not like the belt and was comfortable without it, as the belt had flower embellishment and she hates flower embellishment, my DD on contrast loves embellishment, opposites attract i Guess...)

[*]Invisible zipper at back

They had great fun together... she will be missed. wish her all the best and a bunch of new friends to wherever she is headed to in future and forever. .....


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  1. Last picture is amazing. Lying down on a plain floor with people we love - nothing can match that bonding.


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