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Aug 28, 2010

Crafty Thursday

My daughter and myself had a crafty Thursday, yesterday ...

we made a Clown mask and a cone cap. she had her moments of fun and i had mine with Blood pressure fluctuations, what with glue, glitter, scissor all lying around so close to perturb my ease and calm...

but it was worth, for she was beaming with joy after completing her creation. I assisted her with sticking the conical cap together with cellotape and stapler and for attaching the ties to her mask. rest of it, she was happy to oblige and create on her own, with just one condition, i have to sit down next to her, till she completes...agreement was reached...

Going by how the day had started, i must say i am pretty pleased as to how it ended.

My MIL not in town, hence domestic responsibilities have added up and iam unable to devote as much time to my creative avenues, as would like to and normally do indulge in... she is back 2moro, hopefully i will complete the wrap around dress i had cut up for my SIL 3 days before, still not able to get back to of now, here is a glimpse of WIP

Talking of my SILs (my hubby's cousins) they dropped in on Raksha Bandhan and tied Rakhi to their beloved brother. I initially thought of finishing the wrap around dress on time to given on that day, but it was not to be.

As i started to work on the wrap around dress, my machine somehow didn't sound all that well. On opening up the base of it, this is what i found..... exactly as i suspected, accumulated LINT.... it took me around 45 minutes to clean it up; i felt fatigued and irritated as it had delayed my WIP even further. but believe me it was well worth it as now machine is hale and healthy. Love you my darling machine, i can't even think of the day you may fall sick as i will follow suit as well so deeply troubled by your illnesss..... ha ha... no I AM SERIOUS, I love you my dear Sewing Machine...


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  1. You guys don't need an additional clown mask ;)
    Nice choice of colors and good work on the cap.


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