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Aug 31, 2010

Discover a Blog with me ...

See what i stumbled upon as i was staring at my monitor right in the middle of the night it is 1:02 AM right now as i am typing this post....but well worth it as it made my browsing useful

Aha before you leave by clicking on the link.
P.S. Do come back tomorrow as i have planned a Tutorial on guess what.... (Yes Yes i can hear few grunts as for what happened to Patiala Part III the actual sewing part of it, please bear with me till i find the right fabric...)

Coming back to tomorrow's tutorial i will show you all as to how i drafted Angrakha Pattern... All you need would be one of the following

Kameez or Kurti Draft / Shift Dress Draft


This blog is so useful. Happy Surfing.... 


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