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Sep 9, 2010

Angrakha - Sewing Tutorial

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I know its been 2 days since the promised date, since my DD fell ill (she is recovering,is lot better 2day, she has an ear infection and severe cold) could'nt spend time away from her, especially with the system

Please find the photo tutorial for stitching the same, since i din't have anyone to assist me in shooting the video, i had kept the handycam at all vantage positions and shot the sewing video, but it has lot of unwanted footage of me testing if it's recording and so on, need to edit, will do in a day or two, till then i guess this picture tutorial is useful. Actually i prefer this one after assembling it together as i think video tute is shoddy due to shooting it by self.

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Step 1: Actually this step belongs to pattern drafting and not sewing, the lazy goose that i am preferred to do the last step of pattern drafting directly on cloth instead of making another paper draft. Actually i had little fabric as well, so it only helped as i knew exactly how much i can spread all those slashes on the angrakha wrap part draft

Step  2: 
Prepare Neck Facings : Cut 2 piece each of neck facing and interface one piece, stitch right sides together and the outer seams, press seams and turn

Step 3: Stitch the facings to respective pieces and turn them

Step 4: Stitch front & back darts as is applicable in your base draft and also on Angrakha part if you have them in your base front pattern (Note only bust dart on Angrakha part no waist darts as we are adding flare to it)

Step 5: Stiching shoulder seams.
Note:  Attach front shoulder with the angrakha piece shoulder; Wrong side of angrakha on top of right side of Front Left Shoulder. Sorry forgot to take a pic of this, hope you are able to visualize as only when you add the Angrakha draft with the front piece will we able to get the front part of the outfit complete.

Step 6: Attach Sleeves (if you want)

Step 7: Attach Ties to the Angrakha Piece
For the ties, cut bias pieces / rectangular pieces (about 3/4 inch, fold in half and stitch a seam, turn to right side

Step 7: Pin and Stich Side seams

Step 8: Turn over and your. Put on your Angrakha and mark the tie position on the front piece, it is better if this is done after wearing it, so that you can mark the position where you need the ties as per your comfort.
Stitch the ties to the front piece. 

I have added ties using the following link 

Step 9: Finish Hem. I have used rolled hem or Peco. 

Wear your Angrakha and Flaunt it.
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  1. Thank you so much for your pattern and tutorial--I especially love the look of the angrakha you made for yourself. So flattering! I am excited to try one for myself.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial, I'm a beginner and I think I should keep this tut for when I'll be more skilled, but I really love it!

  3. love
    ur tutorial is very helpful,

  4. Hi,
    I am a beginner in sewing world, i love this tut , and i really want to try it...may i ask u, how much fabric we need? can v use any type of fabric???


    1. For size 32-36 about 2.5-3 metres of fabric of 44" inch width , if the fabric is wider say 54 or 60 inches, then you can get 2-2.25 metres. All the best for your angarkha


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