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Sep 10, 2010

Discover a Blog(S) with me ...

Well Discover Blog(s) with me today, yesterday since i have been dormant this week due to my DD illness, i thought i will make it up for it, by sharing more than a blog to be discovered, find below some of the tute i found interesting and will surely do it one day.

In fact since my DD was sick and we were restrained to be in bed for most of the time, we started doing the paper beads and they were perfect time pass for her and still didn't strain her much, so i loved it, you try them as well. Will surely post the jewellery we create using those beads, planning to make a necklace using those beads

homework: Upcycling: paper beads: "I found a tutorial on paper beads and had to try it. I just have to say…beware. This craft is so addicting. To make paper beads, here’s w..."

The below tute is about reusing wornout zipper, which i have in stock (yes i don't throw away anything, and find reasons (READ Excuses) to save them , and see i turned out to be right, everything has a use ...isn't it?

THAT'S SO CUEGLY: Rings Part1 *{zippers}*

I started getting back to sewing after a sabbatical by sewing simple bags(I had stopped sewing when i was a full time software professional .... yes pathetic i know, wish i had continued sewing then as well, as sewing is such a stress buster)

I want to make one for my DD for very a long time now...this tutorial has rekindled that longing. Lets see we don't get readymade tutu rolls here in chennai, so planning to buy yards and yards of net material and get on with it.... this one is time consuming project as tutu rolls are not readymade here....

Hope all of the above links were of use to you. Please leave your comments and suggestions. I would love to have them. 


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