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Sep 4, 2010

Floor Cushion with Link to Tutorial

I have been wanting to make a Floor Cushion for my DD for a long time now, sometime last week i stumbled upon this tutorial and wanted to do it, went ahead and got some polyfill and ta da the cushion is ready.

I made it as a removable version with zipper using the fashion fabric and the inner cushion is made out of normal interfaced fabric and filled with 1 kg of polyfill. I didn't have much of readymade piping available to added piping only to the handle. Now i have a cushion and it is washable too, i can take the inner stuffed cushion out by just opening the zipper and wash the cover version of the cushion and put it back on... ta da....

Here is my lovely daughter enjoying herself......

Here she is just dragging it along (lazy goose, can't she lift it, oh my cozy fabric!)

And yes before i bid adieu, here is the link which helped me create this.... 



  1. Nice cushion. Where do you get ready made piping in chennai?

  2. My SIL got this piping from Raja Thread store, T.Nagar, for one of her outfits, and this was the leftover bit. I can't remember exactly but it was at Rs.12 per metre or something approx

  3. I wanted to get the little one a similar cushion, around 2 years ago when I saw it in Bangalore. Yours is slightly spherical, the one i saw was vertically rectangular and had a leather cover outside. It was about 400 bucks.
    But this one is priceless :)


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