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Sep 2, 2010

Foray into Jewellery Making

My DD has been whining for a while now that she doesn't have finger rings of her size. After several futile search in accessories shops, i decided to make one myself. I had earlier as well say some 2 years ago attempted to make handmade earrings, but somehow it never picked up and got lost its way....

This time i am feeling more drawn into this, i guess it may soon become my hobby, even planning to take up Jewellery Making lessons, what do you think , am i capable of doing so, take a look at my first creation, finger ring made of seed beads, .45mm guage wire and centre bead being black enamel with white stone,

Ring is being modelled by DD's latest muse , hair color changing Barbie doll..

She has also made a custom order (Read Standing Instruction) to make a matchy dress for her Barbie as well when i manage to have few leftover fabric after finishing her dresses in future....Actually i am quite happy to oblige too as me and my little sis had always dreamt of having our own barbie and pampering her, but never quite managed to get her.... now that my daughter has it, i have a solid excuse to pamper her muse...or should i say my muse as well !!!!


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