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Sep 1, 2010

Gokulashtami Celebrations ... Radha is here to join Lord Krishna...

Today is the day when Lord Krishna was born. In South India we have this tradition of putting footprint marks from the doorway to our puja room and across the house to mark the symbolic entry of little krishna into our homes.

We make sweets, seedai , murukku and also offer Butter, curd, milk, buttermilk which are Lord Krishna's favourties.

Today i had a busy day assisting my MIL in preparing all the delicacies. She is an expert cook. Every year i dress up my daughter as kutti krishna and it has been for the past 3 years, this year she said a big NO. I some cajoled her into dressing up as Radha. Lord Krishna's soulmate and girl friend. RadhaKrishna is symbol of love, bliss.

Here she is basking in all glory and enjoying her moments of wearing my jewellery as well....

Flaunting her dupatta ( ahem its mine actually!!!!, hope she lets me use it again)

Dancing around and having Fun ....

And yes how i can wind up without showing a glimpse of what i get to eat, ... seedai both sweet and salt, Murukku, rava laddu, are the few which i shot, rest is in my stomach...sorry....  :0)

I actually made her a finger ring for the occassion, my first attempt at serious jewellery making, will post pics of it soon when 'Radha' is free and in the mood to cooperate and show her fingers, well she has Mehendi, so i think she will oblige to atleast show off her Mehendi, lets see....

Did you all see the Angrakha Tutorial, was it useful, please give your feedback and suggestions in comments, as it serves as my motivation to see people expressing their viewpoint on something i had to share, if it was useful to them.


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