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Oct 17, 2010

Discover a Blog With Me

Its been a while since we have been on Blog Discovery over here, as i was busy with Navarathri and 9 new dress collection. But i have been collecting few interesting finds, i stumbled upon, here have a look at 3 of them...

This is a new startup blog but has the basic drafts like Kameez and salwar draft and is good. Please check it out. Try using the basic kameez draft as base and then draft your own Angrakha with 'Angrakha' Tutorial @ adithisammasews

Nalini Anbarasu's Sewing

This is a cute little simple draft for wrap skirt. I like it, i haven't tested it though, but few comments on the tute said they have tried it so well worth trying it...
Wrap Skirt Pattern Draft Tutorial � Sew,Mama,Sew! Blog

With Halloween fever all around, we see lot of such stuff, of which the below one impressed me the most...
Halloween Spider Web


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