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Oct 1, 2010

Taking a Weekend off at my Aunt's place

Hi all, 

I am off to my Aunt's place for the weekend; She is a talent storehouse and has dabbled in everything and in fact i should be using the word dabbled as she is an expert in everything she has taken up so far. Embroidery (both hand & machine), Tailoring, Arts & Crafts, Painting (She is an amazing artist, see the pic  above to know what i mean...) She has also won many contests and is an excellent cook and above all a caring and loving Aunt and a great human being. In fact i would like to dedicate atleast week for her in my blog to show off her creations, seriously i should do it, which i plan to after the Navarathri festivities gets completed!

I fondly call her Bedhi, so i am planning to have  a good time with her, you guys n girls have a great weekend!


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