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Sep 29, 2010

Prototype for Dress no.4

The fabric i have chosen for dress no.4 is close to my heart and hence couldn't take the risk of trying out a new pattern directly on it, so decided to make a prototype using leftover fabric, and piece by piece it urged me to go ahead and finish the dress off...

since it is in black and white, (black is considered to be inauspicious to be worn during festivites here in India) and hence can't make it to the official list of Navarathri collection, but definitely is the latest addition to my DD's ever growing wardrobe.

After having testing the self drafted pattern, i think i will take out the pleats, it is good for curvy grown up women and not on children who are like cylinder all through... ha ha...

The photo shoot was taken in haste as the model was not very cooperative and refused to put on the dress and had to somehow bribe her to wear it on top the dress she was already wearing, so kindly excuse not so good snaps!!!!

plan to have cascading circle skirt for skirt portion and make it as a wrap around.... what say?!!!!


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