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Sep 29, 2010

Barbie is red hot but had a bad hair day!!!!

DD's Barbie got a new dress today, when i changed her into it, i noticed she had a bad hair, (yesterday my DD was giving her some haircare!) a photo with bad hair & new dress, no way, so i washed her hair (real shampoo that i use for my DD, then dried it and then gave her the stole to complete the look, what say

Let me take you all through pictorial representation of what actually happened

See how bad it is, sticky due to excessive gel applied by my DD

Washed hair being dried

She had her hair combed, did you notice the hair fall, even Barbie is not immune to it!

Ready to flaunt her revamped hair, (yes it is jumpclip in her , think of upcycling, I hit the limits didn't I)

Sporting her new look with pride! That stole is the one i made long time back (Read years back) to practice 4 strand braid !!! Wohooo!

This is the fabric for the 4th dress of Navarathri collection, hmm i not able to make up my mind on which design to choose as i love the fabric very much and don't want to spoil it by any means!!!



  1. Clarity in pictures is good and nice desgin too - the threads on the top and bottom...

  2. Came across your site from Mindful Meanderings. Very very creative. I'm sure your daughter is so blessed to have a mom like you. :) All those Barbie dresses! What more could a lil girl ask for!


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