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Sep 25, 2010

Dress No. 2 Delayed due to House in Mess....

The above is the cowl effect in the Dress No.2 of Navarathri Collection. Hope to finish by Monday as i have some WIP going on at home front too.. read the below post to know why

Dress No.2 has been in the making for about 2 days (long considering i prefer to finish it off in 4-8 hours max), with a tight schedule for Navarathri collection to be completed before 8th october, i am in  a real fix.

What has happened was unexpected and out of blue, our floor tiles gave way, yes literally, it seems the concrete mix used to put the tiles when flooring was done builder was not done properly, this is the third such event in the 4 years since we bought the house.

First it was poor grade electric wiring which meant an entire phase was fused out and we had to change the wiring, second it was unfinished plumbing line in bathroom which meant leaking walls, we spent around 7k to fix it, and now the floor tiles and so far it has cost us around 15k and more than seeing the house in a mess is painful, the floor tiles being the ones on hall means all the more reason to worry. In fact the vaccuum cleaner is right next to me as type this and the bamboo swing is on top of my craftroom diwan rather than being in the hall..

Have a look and you will know how bad it is. ... i can actually go on and on writing about this, as that's how pathetic i am feeling right now, but why should i bother you with non-sewing stuff out here, but one last word on this, in case you plan to buy house in chennai, for your info i got my house from one Sai Builder in Velachery, and can vouch for the indifferent attitude after sale, so do it at your risk , if you would still do so,....

Now getting back to sewing i wanted to share the WIP state of my Dress No.2 as this was my first attempt at Cowl Using DRAPE technique and it worked fine. I had always shyed of draping as i don't have a dress form, but what i did this time round was to use the cut out front bodice piece as the base on which i pinned and manipulated the fabric on bias to get the actual effect i wanted.

See the reverse of the cowl piece attached to have glimpse of how it is done, will do a tutorial in case anyone is interested on this.

I had the design inspiration for this say some 6 months back and had been wanting to make a similar dress, but shied away from it as it had a unique, separate piece cowl on the dress, atleast tried, manipulating the fabric for 2 days to figure this out, the broken flooring meant no actual sewing is possible, so meddled with this and got it right, as they say everything happens for good, may be even my broken tile...

My DD found her long lost toys, as we were clearing up the hall diwan which stores here toys and stuff. Have a look at her, lost in her world of toys which she doesn't even remember that she owned them,

There she is we had to drag her away from the spot to fasten up the cleaning process...

all the tiles have been broken open today, tomorrow will be the laying of new tiles, hope to get some sewing time after that, lets see. i want to see this Dress No.2 complete as it will give me immense satisfaction to see a design actually blossom into outfit after hours of pattern drafting and draping.... sense of achievement, i guess that's what all the craftsers going isn't it even if there is no monetary benefits involved....

Sorry for the real long post, but i wanted to share these thoughts that ran through my mind, and who better to bother around than my ardent followers of the blog, who share my plane of thoughts and motivate me for better things in life.... sewing or otherwise, thanks for being there....



  1. I am sorry to hear your house messy issue. I hope everything will be fine soon!

  2. Hi Creative Mama, I came across your website through Burdastyle and absolutely absolutey loved it. And much thanks for those nice tutorials. You are doing a great great help to the sewing community. I was so desperately searching for a patiala salwar tutorial and I cannot believe I found it at your website. Thanks. Can you also post churidaar bottom tutorial?

  3. Appreciate your idea of 9 dresses. Keep it up. I wish I could make 1 this Navarathri.


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