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Sep 23, 2010

Barbie Doll Giveaway - Why no takers as yet?

Hi all, guess you are all having a busy week, why no responses for the Barbie Doll Dress giveaway. Only when i get some response, will i be able to make the outfit in each category and them make them available for voting.

Please respond i really wanted to share the festive spirit of Navarathri that is coming up in a fortnight. Hence hosting this giveaway. Its surprising indeed to find not many takers for something that is given away sincerely and for free.

Come on. Please don't let me down on this, i am sure a household has at least one Barbie fan. ....

BTW, Navarathri dress 1 is nearing completion and Dress 2 design is ready, so watch out for both of them in the next few posts....


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