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Sep 22, 2010

Barbie Doll Dress Giveaway

Since i have an injured thumb and couldn't do much productive sewing, thought of fiddling with Barbie doll's wardrobe and made this Ballerina outfit, (ahem those shoes are not ballerina, yet to make one kindly excuse!!!). Suddenly this thought stuck me, why don't i host a give away of a Barbie doll outfit to my followers.

When i thought of hosting a give away and this being the first one, i had few issues on hand, like how to include people who live abroad as  international courrier charges are like very high for me, but i want to give everyone a chance, since this giveaway is due by Vijayadasami, nearly a month away, i thought i can ask your help itself in figuring out the way of sending the dress through cheapest yet safe possible option and how to do it.

Why barbie doll dress, it is generic sizing and most of the households have at least one Barbie fan.
So here we go, Barbie Doll Dress is up for grabs for Followers of the blog, so join and have fun.

Please Post your comment Vote as what would you like to have as the hosted give away. Your options are:
  • Indian Saree & Blouse
  • Ball Gown
  • Skirt & Top
  • Night Dress
  • Jumpsuit
To participate in this Give Away this is what you  have to do,
  1. Please become a Follower of this Blog and motivate me  through your patronage.
  2. Create a Link of this Give Away on your blog and please do add the link to post on your comment entry for me to track back, and 
  3. Also more importantly pick your choice of outfit in your comment, the maximum voted choice becomes the actual outfit to be given away.
    In fact i shall make one of each of the above categories and post pics of them.
The lucky one will be chosen on the Auspicious day of Vijayadasami - 17th October 2010. Good Luck!

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  1. I would love to see ur take on a Barbie ball gown! Specially cos there are so many already available! This could be a great challenge to design something new in this category! What say?

  2. Ok 1 vote for Jumpsuit and 1 Vote for Evening Gown, lets see if we get any other contenders and which outfit will be chosen one...


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