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Oct 11, 2010

Tutorial - Basket Wire Birds....

Still waiting for my mechanic to arrive and revive my darling sewing machine...

In the meantime, i spent few hours on crafts which i had long forgone for my sewing time... it took me some time to get back to making them as i used to earlier....

So thought of making and sharing the Tutorial for making Basket Wire Birds.... which is a nice home decor as well as gift would after all benefit many of crafting community and me as well, when i get back to these crafts after quite sometime, i need not scratch my head, but head towards this tutorial...isn't it....

So lets get started.....
This is what we are aiming for

The above item is one of the Windchime kind of thing made out of these parrots and glass straws & beads...

This is just one of the many items you can make using these birds...imagination knows no bounds isn't it

This is my first video tutorial, so please excuse the quality and the flow of it, i promise to do better in future.... since it is my first, i didn't take chances & have repeated the procedure, so in case you don't get it fully in first few minutes, please hang on, i repeat it far more clearly.... so please view the entire video to understand it completely....

Thanks for viewing and please please do leave your feedback.....

Here is the Pictorial representation and illustration through words, for the video tutorial see below

Refer to the above picture from left to right and 
read and follow the instructions given below

  1. Take 1 piece of Basket wire - length about 10 inches min
  2. Fold the wire in half. Press and hold them between your thumb and index fingers
  3. Take the wire on lefthandside and roll it on top of thumb and go around it, go behind the folded wire and then come to the front, insert it in the loop formed on the thumb. 
  4. After inserting it in the loop formed on the thumb, bring it out and hold it on the right side.
  5. Now take the hanging end of the wire (other half) and insert it on top to the original opening created in first step when we had folded the wire.
  6. Turn to reverse side, pull this inserted wire from the original opening and into a triangle you see, (it will the hole which is exactly to the opposite end of the hole from which the other end which we had looped through the thumb had come out.... (I know it is getting complicated, these steps are just for reference, you anyway have video tutorial, but big file size is not getting uploaded even after hours, so reduced the file size hence to compensate for the compression of video.... these instructions are also given)
  7. Pull both open ends at the same time holding the original opening together (which shall form beak), now you will get beautiful little bird (open ends become tail)
  8. Trim the tail to length as desired. Staple them to hold in place, cut their ends in V-shape
  9. Add a pair black beads on either sides of beak opening and insert a small triangle shaped cut wire through the beak opening...

Viola Basket Wire Bird is ready.... 

Video Tutorial
( I have succceeded in uploading this after 8 hours of struggle and 4 failed attempts, then added it to youtube first and then embedded the object here.... thank god it worked at last)

Please do Check out the Tutorial for making a superb Straw Dome Cage for these lovely birdies 
More tutorials can be found at Tutorial Page @ adithisammasews.

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  1. Several years before i did this bird.but now i forgot it.Thank u for sharing.Now i catch it.

  2. Cute! It's so nice of you to provide the video tutorial, too.

  3. Hey CreativeMama.. here's shout out for your new video. Appreciate the effort!

  4. Wow, so creative! Thanks for linking up to Socialize with me Monday til Sunday.

  5. Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!

  6. Your video is super successful! Really nice job, and the birds are so cute! This technical blog stuff drives me crazy, too. I'm glad you were able to get it to work!

  7. years before i did this bird.but now i forgot.Thanks for sharing.

    all ur posts is soooo good

  8. years before i did this bird.but now i forgot.Thanks for sharing.

    all ur posts is sooo good....

    even am a fashion designer and mad on all crafts and stitching


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