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Oct 18, 2010

We have a Winner - Barbie Doll Dress Giveaway... !!!

Barbie Doll Dress giveaway had 2 responses one each from Megha and Poornima. The latter happens to be my sister and hence the dress i stitch would come down to my DD's barbie, so i guess i would make the Evening gown requested by Megha.. the WIP shots are what you get to see here....

Barbie is such a co-operative dress form, its just that i am running out of ideas for the day and will soon wrap it up, so how i reach you Meghna please contact me by mail and lets work out the way it can be sent across to you.

This giveaway didn't have many takers, so i am bit wary of hosting future giveaways, but this was hosted with spirit of the festive season out here, so its fine by me, ....

Congrats Megha, please do drop in a i am unable to reach since your blogger profile is inaccessible

Poori your jumpsuit will be ready once i finish the evening gown.... so don't you worry... well i know she wouldn't coz she is such a sweetie pie busy with her own cute little blog on Photography & Poetry. Check her out someday when you have time, you will like it....


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  1. Hi CreativeMama.. thank you so much! Can't wait to see the completed dress!


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