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Nov 8, 2010

Anarkali Kameez Tutorial - Voted !

Anarkali Kameez got the maximum votes.... so as promised lets demystify Anarkali Kameez

'Kali' means Panels. So it is most popularly tagged as Empire waist top + Panel Skirt

The norm is to have 10 panels each at front & back...though it is customizable as per our wish. After all we are our own designers aren't we ....

In this diagram of prototype Anarkali Kameez, I chose the princess seam + empire waist bodice.

Skirt can be flared anywhere between A-Line to Semi-circle to Circle skirt. Chose a base skirt 

Divide that base skirt into panels. Normally it is 10 panels at front & 10 Panels at the back.

We will work with 1/4 draft so it will be 5 panels that we will be drafting (on Fold at CF & CB)

So are you gals (n guys) ready?!

All you need is a fitting basic shift dress / Kameez with 2 darts (darts only optional depends on the fit you desire...but the more fitting the anarkali kameez, the better it looks!) 

This week we will finish Anarkali kameez right from pattern drafting,cutting,sewing... till we have the finished outfit...

Join in... have fun...



  1. :) Thanks for my salwar in the making.

  2. Honestly I envy you. I wish I had the same kind of creative right brain like you. I would have been able to surprise a lot of my loved ones with it. Thanks dear, for all you do, though there isn't much I can give back.

  3. wow! thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! It's very rare to find people like you. I have been looking for a anarkali pattern for ages now. Thank you again.

  4. Anarkali Tutorial has been uploaded. Check it out

  5. hello mam, thank you Sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for princess line cut anarkali dress,
    pls teach me multi panel from shoulder anarkali kameez with lots of gher in daman, pls mam, i want to make 8 or 10 or 12 panel in front and back, and with lining, i tried this type kameez it went wrong, [panel from shoulder ]
    also i didn’t understand how to divide chest measurement with required no. of panels, my sisters chest-round is 41 inches and i want to make 12 panels long anarkali with lots of flare in gher [daman] [ 12 panels in front and 12 panels in back ]
    for making this kameez, i took long sheet of paper marked length of kameez AB - 43 inches then A to D = 1 and half,B to C =3 inches [in flair]........ what goes wrong ?????????????
    following are URL of pics of pattern which i want to learn
    [gher like this ]
    [ in this pic blue and black kameez]


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