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Nov 13, 2010

Deepavali Cum DD's Birthday Snaps....

Where have i Been all this week??

Well i was quite occupied with the preparations for my DD's 4th BDay Bash.

Though her BDay was on Deepavali day, we threw a BDay Party yesterday only as most of her friends were out of town for Deepavali. We had a sweet little cake cutting ceremony on Deepavali day as well and i now share those pics... the Party pics are yet to be uploaded, will try to post them this weekend.

My DD, MIL & myself had lot of fun preparing for the BDay Bash, the theme of it was my DD's favourite, Dora The Explorer.... will share the pics of Pinata, Cake & Twinkling stars, Map as well by this weekend....

As of now Deepavali Pictures. .

BTW, i am currently working on this which will keep me busy until tomorrow night, just a clue, any guesses, remember tomorrow is Children's Day (Nov 14)....


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