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Nov 1, 2010

Saree Blouse Sewing/Stitching Tutorial

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Online Teaching takes a new meaning with all those Tutorials floating online for free. Here is one from AdithisAmmaSews

Saree Blouse FRONT

Saree Blouse BACK

Hope you already have the pattern ready, if not please check Saree Blouse Pattern Drafting Tutorial

Lets see Saree Blouse Stitching / Sewing Instructions in the form of a Picture tutorial.

Finished blouse with the Saree

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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial.....

  2. Very nice tutorial just one suggestion,
    sine both fabrics are of same colour the photo where you show how to attach sleeve part is not clear you can mark the photo by arrow to grab our attention n show what you did........Only this needs to be tuned ........Thank You

  3. I have resized the picture to x-large to get better view of sleeve being attached to bodice.

    if you notice how to align the notches of sleeve with shoulder seam joint is also shown in the first picture showing attaching sleeves.

    Hope this clears your doubt

    1. Thank you for the instructions...can you please tell me how to decide the amount of material needed for the blouse ? thanks again

    2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can you please tell me how to decide on the amount of material needed for the blouse ? Thanks again

  4. Hey in second pic also show shoulder joint n notch

  5. its nice, but please show from first, i mean how fold the cloth , and in how many layers, and how to cut, if it is available in video it may be useful for beginners.

  6. Dear bloggers....

    I am so fond of sewing But not familiar....

    Just started to sew a saree blouse form your helpful drafts...

    Do i really need to add shoulder slope of 3/4 " no matter how much is the shoulder width?

    Even for a 1" shoulder blouse?

    My actual shoulder width is 13 " but i have a designer blouse which has only 10.5 " shoulder width
    but it still fits me perfectly with a very broad round neck. It doesn't look like it has shoulder slope.

    I am now wondering if how armhole, shoulder slope varies with shoulder width?

    Your help is really appeciated...

  7. Is shoulder slope really mandatory? blouse above
    doesnt seem to have slope but draft has a slope of 3/4th slope.

    I have stitched a blouse with 3/4'' slope but its making small tent on my shoulder....

    Any idea how to correct this?

  8. Regarding Shoulder Slope. The Draft i had given is the general shoulder slope. In case of petite frame which is the case if shoulder to shoulder is 13 inches. then try reducing the shoulder slope to 1/2 inch or even 1/4 and check fit before attaching sleeves.

    The draft is a generic one and minor alterations would be required to suit custom body fitting.

    Regarding the query that a blouse with 10.5 inch shoulder fits you fine and has a deep neck - As the neck depth increases the shoulder slope decreases, it can be reduced to bare minimal or can even be no shoulder slope say the shoulder strap is just about 1-1.5 inches.

    Armhole does not vary with neck depth and shoulder strap unless it is going to be sleeveless

    But yes Neck depth & shoulder strap width does affect shoulder slope. I am going on vacation and will be back by first week of Jan 2011. will try do a detailed post on adjustments like this to be made while drafting saree blouse, once i am back.

  9. Adithi...

    Love you so much for sharing this 100% necessary information for a beginner...

    Your explanation tells me you are well experienced...

    I will look forward for your princess cut or Bombay cut blouse tutorial with notes....

  10. Hi Adithismom,
    Thanksz for very good tip..... Can you give us what slope to take for what measurement range...Looking forward for alteration info..

    Can we use the same shoulder slope rule for Kameez as well

  11. this is so good excellent would it be possible to type the draft as i can just about read your writting,also could yu teach me how to do chotari blouse please, thank you

  12. hi i cannot see the wordings clear.

  13. Hi Sonia

    I have typed in Saree Blouse Draft itself and handwritten version has been replaced. Check it out

    Katori Blouse Draft is also up & running check it out

    Hi Meka,
    Which specific step or picture are you talking about, as all the text has been typed and not handwritten anymore.

  14. Your tutorials are lovely, hit upon your blog today and found it really great!

  15. I made a good well-fitted blouse using the draft.
    Can you help me make a blouse with hooks at back instead of front so that I can wear it with net saree

  16. wow!! your teaching of normal saree blouse was too good ya. so clear instructions done step by step. Years ago I had sewed a blouse, since I dont wear too often saree didnt bothr to sew one. since I got many sarees thot about it agn to 'why not begin to sew sare blouses' and here, found yr post so helpful. Thanks dear. Annie D

  17. Thanks AnNa MaRiA. Glad my tutorials were helpful.

  18. thanks so much. pls post some kamiz neck like square v neck high neck. plssssssss

  19. igot which i were searching for but please show the measurement of this blouse please please

    1. Hi Supo,

      Please refer to the Drafting tutorial for the blouse, using which you can draft a blouse pattern for your custom measurements.Here is the link for the same.

      Hope this will help you draft a pattern for your size.

  20. awesome tutorial. I have taken notes. I will try to cut the pattern today & try to sew this.

  21. I am going to try this. This is the best I could find article online.

  22. Hai can u help me in choli blouse drafting.

  23. Hai help me for choli cut drafting

  24. Hai help me in choli cut drafting

  25. Hai can u help me in choli blouse drafting.

  26. your tutorial is really very helpful to me . will u please help me in drafting anarkali with panels . please. thankyou.

  27. Hi, Your tutorial is wonderful. I am looking for blouse patterns with back open(hooks on the backside). Please help me...


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