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Dec 28, 2010

Comb Clips - Handmade Gifts!

This one is the first one i made, for my dear friend

This is the second one, for my Bedhi (my mom's sister)

Here is a sweet little how-to ; All you need are:

  • comb clip, 
  • velcro (if you want it to be re-mixable by allowing change of top embellishments), 
  • Embellishment trims (here i have used satin ribbon roses, ideas are countless, let your imagination run wild)
  • hot glue, 
  • 10 minutes of your valuable time!

Add Velcro to the Comb Clip's Top base

Take a Satin Trim (if required interface it, i didn't!), hot glue the satin ribbon flowers on to it, on the reverse side add the other half of velcro to it

Let them dry, snap the prepared embellishment to the comb base (velcro holds them together) and you are ready to go...

I actually have lots more variations in mind, hope to do at least some of them once i am back from vacation. Oh yes i will be on short vacation starting tomorrow and will be back by 2nd Jan 2011. Will try posting tid bits about the places i get to travel, but can't promise though due to network access... 

I won't leave this blog high and dry and will try to post something in between.. if not please excuse me for indulging myself as its holiday season isn't it?!!!!

Do keep those comments coming on, i love them. In case you have any queries do post them, but be patient for about a week to get reply from me due to this vacation.

Happy Holidays !!



  1. They're very pretty :)

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