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Dec 30, 2010

Recap of 2010

Hmmm its time for a recap of 2010 as it comes to an end, marking the glorious hopeful beginning of a brand new year 2011 !!!

I will try not to delve in to personal introspection and will limit it to what adithisammasews is all about, sewing, design, pattern making and so on...

This year for adithisammasews (actually quite active since march 2010) has been excellent. First and foremost, thank you all for the patronage!

This year i guess i have tried sharing as much as i possibly could vis-a-vis my knowledge with Indian Clothing & Pattern cutting for the same...

As you can easily figure it out from the most Popular posts over here, it is the tutorials that hog the limelight and are rightly so.

It all started with 'Patiala Salwar Draft' (hey i can hear that, the sewing instruction is yet to be completed, will make it up and running asap in 2011)

I saw quite a few Angrakha designs and wanted to make them, so started drafting the pattern will available shift draft and it worked like magic. Of all the Angrakhas i have made, the one i made for my sister remains my favorite. This tutorial set the tone for the rest of the year, i got inspired by the success and the reach of it and decided to keep posting as and when possible.

Next one was the Cowl neck pattern drafting (the sewing part will be made after the Patiala sewing part by Jan 2011) Cowl neck is my all time favorite style to wear and i will never get tired of it. Have plans of making Pleated cowl neck tute as well, anyone chip in with your feedback!

I have always wanted to make Indian Traditional dress patterns available to global audience. this is the least i can do to promote traditional Indian clothing. When one thinks of Indian Fashion Saree is a garment which pops up first... so decided to share Saree Blouse draft (the adjustments and minute details to be taken care of , to fit your custom measurements is also coming up in 2011, watch out )

My Sister wanted a new dress for her Friend's sister's wedding, i decided to make an Anarkali for her, so the Anarkali Tutorial came up.

The latest one is the Pattu Paavadai tutorial, Pattu Paavadai is one of the favorite outfits of little girls here in South India and is worn on festivals, functions etc.,

There were also other craft tutorials like Basket Wire Bird and an abode for them Straw Dome Cage ...

Phew...that was quite a list and i am more than happy that it has helped me as well as i hope has helped others as well.

Guess i have to stop my blah blah blah right now.... but fret not..i will be back with more 'blah's sooon....



  1. Happy new year to you and your family. My best wishes to you.

  2. Wow!!! So glad to have found your blog, dear Adithi's Amma! So sweet of you to share your pattern drafting generously. Thank you!! Will stop by often.

  3. Thanks Thendral & Evie for New Year Wishes. Wish you both a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous new year too.

    Kay am equally glad that you found my blog and found it to be useful. Please feel free to follow the blog and get updates on latest tutorials. I will soon post tute on sleeve draft and puff sleeve variation which i have used in Pattu Paavadai Sattai


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