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Dec 16, 2010

Tutorial - Pattu Paavdai Sattai

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Pattu Paavdai and Sattai means 'Silk Skirt and Top '

This is a traditional Indian garment worn by girls starting from new born to teenagers. Though this dress is not commonly worn by teenagers anymore, it is still hot favourite of little girls. My Daughter loves her 'pattu paavadais'.

I have been wanting to post this tute for sometime now..but since i had initial problems with photoshop and wanted to draw the draft there instead of hand drawing it and then scanning it (which is exactly how i have been uploading my tutorial drafts till now). Now i guess this draft is readable and understandable though it is my first attempt drawing in PhotoShop.

Paavadai Sattai worn by little girls are mostly 'bodice paavadais' which means they are worn like pinafore and then the Sattai or Top is worn on top. So lets first see the draft for Bodice of the Paavadai.

Now let us see the draft of the Top i.e., Pattu Paavadai's Sattai

Lets see the sewing part of the tutorial tomorrow. Remember the Deepavali Pattu Paavdai of my DD. I had made the pic tutorial then itself, the delay is due to the drafting part in photoshop...

Check out the Part II of the Pattu Paavdai Tutorial, wherein Skirt a.k.a. Pattu Paavdai drafting and sewing instructions are given. 

I am doing a new Paavdai Sattai instead of using earlier Deepavali Pattu Paavdai pics as it is dark green color is difficult to understand, hence i working on a light onion skin color Pattu Paavadai, which i shall use to illustrate and explain the drafting and sewing of the Pattu Paavdai. 

Please do leave a comment or at least choose your reaction to the tutorials as that motivates me. Acknowledgement of any work is due isn't it... so please bring a smile on my face, give your feedback.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. i'm following from wandering wednesday!! i hope you can visit my blog and follow back :)


  2. Very good drafting instructions. Very good effort. Thanks for sharing dear.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Uma. Comments really motivates me further, though many people use my tutorials hardly few respond. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Seasons Greetings.

  4. Thanks for sharing your pattern on Thrilling Thursdays @ Paisley Passions :)

  5. thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials. :D

  6. You have no idea how happy I am that I found you!!!
    My husband is from India and I am from the USA. We live in Ohio and it's been very hard for me to find traditional clothing for our 3 year old twin girls and their little brother. I love to sew but haven't the slightest clue as to how these garments are constructed. Thank you SO much you have a new fan! :)

  7. Adithi'a Amma, I was looking at the pattu paavaadai sattai tutorial and cannot find the draft of the sleeve. Is there a separate tutorial for that somewhere in this blog? Can you please point me there?


  8. You are getting to good at making these tutorial, before we know it you will have your very own clothing line :) So sweet, THANK you for sharing and always supporting my blog, and party **Amaze me August**

    Good luck on winning the giveaway!!!

    Bella :)

  9. Hi,

    very nice piece, i am starting to sew my first skirt for my dear daughter (2 yrs). I will try to post a picture of it. I need the draft of this puff lseeve, I like it a lot. can u send it to me?

  10. Thanks Bella & Lorie!

    Thanks Kay & Bams! Sleeve tutorials i have them in store, may sometime next month as i am busy with Sew Skirt September this month!

  11. this is great! am going through this and hope to stitch pavadai for my girl :)

  12. Thanks Sudhin. Hope to see your paavadai soon on your little girl!

  13. thank u very much or ur wonderful tutorials. I am a great fan of your site. i check every day.thanks a lot pls post more odsuch wonderful tutorials

    sushma k

  14. Thanks sushma. Please keep visiting Adithis Amma Sews for more tutorials.

  15. can you please show draft sleeve for pattu pavadai sattai
    Thank you

  16. Hi Adithi's mom,

    Thank you for the detailed tutorials! I'd like to sew this for my 16 month old and am a beginner.

    I had a couple of questions - what material should I use for the lining? Should I pre-wash it? (I live in the US)

    Do you use any special needle/pressor foot to sew on silk (the material of the main body and skirt?)


    1. Sorry about late reply HeartnSweet mom, you can use any cotton lining, like lawn or broadcloth, since it's for baby, I suggest you use lawn or double gauze for soft feel on skin . Yes please do pre wash it. Size 11/12 needles universal are perfect for sewing silk. Normal presser foot works fine with silk . Use high quality pins to pin seams, as it may damage delicate silk fabric. Hope this tip is still useful though it is very delayed . Thanks for visitng Aditis.amma.sews. Keep visiting :)

  17. Really very nice and clear diagram.thank u so much adithis amma. u saved our diwali
    happy diwali

    1. I am so glad it was of help to you. Keep visitng adithisammasews

  18. Thanks for your wonderful tutorial and great designs. Your daughter pavadai suits never fail to inspire me when I make them for my daughter. Have a great day!
    Love, Priya from Malaysia

    1. Thanks Priya . I am so excited to know you are from. Malaysia as well. As I am currently residing in kl, Malaysia. Any chance we can meet up for sewing chat ?

  19. Replies
    1. Most welcome dear. Keep visitng AdithisAmmaSews for more indo Western sewng tutorials :)

  20. Good n clear instructions. Thanks for the tute. going to try one for my 9 yr old


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