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Dec 5, 2010

Sticker Mania

My DD has a 'favourite' and it keeps changing every now and then !!!!

She was obsessed with crafting her master pieces of art all over over home especially on doors and windows... when i ask her to explain what she tried to draw, she simply says 'Modern Art' , would you believe it, kids these days have an answer for everything.... well thinking those days (as when i was kid and earlier & so on) also may be knew quite a few things but weren't mature to express themselves ...atleast that was the case with me... my DD belongs to the generation of 'Bindas' (carefree) kids, willing to experiment and keen to learn the reason behind everything... only factor i would like her to add to her traits is NOT to be scared of bullies, yes she becomes a cry baby when someone bothers her.

Latest obsession of my DD is guess what .... 'Stickers'... yes they are everywhere around my home..
Generations pass by but human tendencies remain the same isn't it,,, kids then and kids unto now are

loving & loveable (despite their tantrums!)
self-less (they don't want to share their toys but are not cynical)
ever learning
ever curious
filled with loads of sweet innocence....
and are much more than few words of mine or even paragraphs can define .!!!..

have a look at her latest obsession



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