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Dec 6, 2010

Rain Induced Holiday = Fun @ Home !

Rain, Rain... and more rain.. that's how it has been in chennai since yesterday afternoon and now it is showing some signs of respite, but not very sure though....

My DD had another unscheduled holiday at School, resulting in loads of play time, so here are a few things she 'Created' today...

BTW no sewing today as well ... guesses... 'DD @ home = NO Sewing by amma'

the post will grow as the day grows..... :)  

We made a clutch bag using basket weave (my DD did that !) and i fixed the ends with duct tape and assembled it together and she cut the paper strips and i made paper loops and attached to the bag

Day has ended on a high note ...

P.S. DD - is the short form for my Darling Daughter



  1. Sounds like you & your DD had fun today! She does great work with crafting.

  2. What a fun rain day! I'm coming to your house next time I'm rained in :)

  3. My DD & myself had lots of fun. When she is in the right mood then everything goes on fine!

    Sure! Jennifer do drop in...

  4. What a great idea and a gorgeous little bag!


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