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Jan 5, 2011

Vacation in Vizag!


Back from Vacation.

Vizag trip was quite nice, it has the right mix of country side and city. While you all the comforts of city living that you are used to, there is still a rustic feel to the place, which is abound with beaches (the fortune of being a coastal city), parks (well maintained ones by the municipal corporation over there!) and mountains...

What marks this town as unique is the fact that this is one of the fewer places which has both mountains and beaches close together, at least of the few places that i have seen so far.

We went to a small hill town called 'Arakku' which about 150km from Vizag and had a day's stay there. Nice weather and is not so crowded or polluted as is the case with hill stations here in TN, like Ooty or Kodai. We had a nice time there and the highlight of the trip was the 'Borra Caves', it is a must see if you ever make it anywhere near vizag, take a trip to arakku and enroute you will find 'Borra Caves'..Sorry couldn't take much clear pics at the cave due to lighting.... but trust my word, its worth the visit.

After coming back to vizag, we saw 'Kursura' tour , tour of India's First Sub-marine. It was exciting to know how our naval officers lived, survived and fought enemies, facing so many difficulties in a sub-marine.

During the remaining day of the trip , we made a  day trip to beaches like Bheemili, Rushikonda, Yarada, RamaKrishna Beach and also to VUDA Park.

I liked RushiKonda beach the best.

Then we also saw 'Kailasgiri' which has the awe inspiring gigantic 'Shiv Paarvathi' dieties.

Our train tickets didn't get confirmed and we had stay another day and half and made a last day trip to 'Simhachalam' a temple, it was a soothing experience.

At last managed to grab air tickets and flew back to chennai....

Here are a few snaps of the trip.... will be back to sewing ways from 2moro...

Beach walk!


Hill View

Misty Morning



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