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Feb 2, 2011

DD's Bicycle Revamp!

Darling Daughter's dear friend had got herself a new bicycle! So my DD also wanted one, though she already had one, which she never bothered to take a ride on! So i tried all possible ways, which go like these

You already have one 'NICE' Car (ahem! she calls her bicycle as her 'Car')
If you need a new one then you will have to Donate your car (she was ready to do even that, which is wierd as it is really tough to make her donate her old toys!)

my list of excuses and myself were exhausted , buy my DD did not budge!

I had to convince her that her 'old' bicycle is as 'new' N 'Desirable' as the new Car (cycle) of her friend's!

As she took a noon nap (this happened last week when she was in half-a-day at school, from this week onwards she attends full day at school!!! and is in the mode of transition and is very cranky and needs me by her side all the time when she is at home, which kind of explains my not-so-regular posts for the week...will be back to normal ways soon, once she adapts to full day schedule....) last week, i dusted her cycle

Then gave it a water wash (with guess what, 'health faucet' in the toilet as that had the right pressure to wash away the dirt accumulated for so long....!!!)...

Next was the drying process using the vacuum cleaner to blow dry it to ensure all the metal parts don't get rusted!

The last step was to embellish it and this took shape as it went along .... call it improvisation or lack of ideas at the starting..whichever way you like it!

Red Pom Pom to hide the worn out top of the bell !

Purple Pom Pom to satisfy my DD's Purple Passion (she loves purple, green & pink!!!)
Fabric bead necklace to add zing to the handlebar.

Stocking net covering the basket at the front!

Stocking net flower to pep up the prettiness!

Golden Star at the back (My DD is a star isn't she?!)

Her Highness's name duly embossed with acrylic paint!!!

Ta Da .... her 'Old' Cycle magically transformed into brand new one (ooops! how i wish i got a snap of the old bicycle!!! trust me it was in bad shape with insects and god knows what else have built their homes as i could see mud patches under neath the seat and behind wheel chain, when i tried to wash it away, one insect rushed out to scare me !!!)

Guess...what after all this, though she doesn't demand a new cycle anymore, still does not bother to take a ride regularly!  : (



  1. Just found your blog and I'm following! Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back!

  2. Good job on outsmarting the DD! I know what you mean! Thanks for linking this up to Making It With Allie! Looking forward to your entry next week!


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