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Feb 1, 2011

Constructing the Basic Bodice Block – Learning Sewing |

All you ladies looking to draft custom fit patterns, check this link from Burdastyle. If you a fitting Basic Bodice and basic skirt, you are all set to draft any style of dress and knock-off any designer creation and that too to fit you to the 'T' !!!

Check out this tutorial at Burdastyle for drafting basic bodice....

Constructing the Basic Bodice Block – Learning Sewing |



  1. you can give this one a try too:)

    PS: nice new banner!

  2. Thanks magdamagda!

    I spent a night fiddling with Photoshop to come up with this banner...though i am happy with how the banner turned out, i am still trying to figure it out as to how convey the spirit and soul of my blog through pictorial or a even a cartoon or something like that...may be one fine day / night an idea bulb will flash in my head.


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